• 2022-10-12
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  • Transnational Scientific Competition during the Early Republic of China: A Case Study of the Mission Paléontologique Française
  • Collation of the Disordered Text on the “Outward Curve” and “Inward Curve” in the “Bowyer” Section of the Kaogong Ji
  • Research of the “Debate on Watching the Ethers” during the Middle and Late Ming Dynasty
  • Between the Ambition and Reality: Michael Faraday and the Royal Institution of Great Britain
  • A Probe into the Problems of Gougu Hejiao in Zhongxi Shuxue Tushuo
  • Research into the Reference Texts and Academic Communication Networks behind the Compilation of A Brief Discussion of Western Medicine (Xiyi Lüelun)
  • A Review of Japan's Agricultural Technology Transplantation to Northeast China in Modern Times: Centered on the Promotion of Rice Planting by the Japanese Colonial Authorities
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    2021 Vol. 40,No. 2Published:25 June 2021
    2021 Vol.40 No.1
    2020 Vol.39 No.增刊 No.4 No.3 No.2 No.1
    2019 Vol.38 No.4 No.3 No.2 No.1
  • An Examination of the Structural Forms a... (2351)
  • Dog Sacrifice and the Battle against Epi... (2036)
  • The Composition of the Personnel in the ... (1684)
  • Faraday's Discovery of Electromagnetic I... (1648)
  • Transnational Scientific Competition dur... (1448)
  • Research on Meteorological Divination Re... (1417)
  • The Visit to the Soviet Union by the Del... (1226)